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How to drill your recycled china


Tree Paste


Possum repellent recipe.
6 Drops Oil of Cloves
1 Litre water
1 spray bottle

Add one litre of water to the spray bottle. Add 6 drops of oil of cloves to the water. Seal spray bottle and shake contents. Spray on plants or around the area that you want to protect from the possums. Repeat regularly (once a week).


Successful Gardening YouTube Channel

Seed Packet Template

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Edible Ornamentals
My Top Ten:
Kangkong (Ipomoea aquatica) is an aquatic plant popular in Asian cuisine, in fact you have possibly eaten it unknowingly in vegetable based dishes. If you have a pond or water feature you can grow kangkong....

Poem by Annette McFarlane

Zoom meeting "Growing Vegetables At Home" notes
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Change a Life with a Loan

Interested in sustainability? Consider giving a no interest loan through Kiva. By getting involved in micro-finance, you can help fund an individual or group  involved in the type of activity you believe supports the planet.

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Soil pH Plant List


Know Your Root Stock



Citrus Planting Guide



Vegetable Planting Guide



Fruit Variety Guide for Qld


School Planting Guide






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