Wattle seed ice cream is a deliciously decadent treat. You can make your own ice cream, but if pressed for time, just purchase a tub of your favourite brand.

We use freshly cracked macadamias (raw or roasted), but you can buy macadamia nut ice cream or add store bought macadamias if you do not have your own tree.

The most suitable wattle in my region for using in cooking is Acacia fimbriata, the Brisbane wattle. The seed is collected, roasted in the oven or a frypan and ground in a spice grinder. This can then be stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator. If you live in a drier region where Acacia victorea can be grown, you will soon discover that this is the most popular commercial wattle seed species. Ground wattle seed is available from organic food outlets and delicatessens. The flavour of the ground wattle seed is enhanced by re-roasting it just before use, but this is not essential.


●  5gms ground wattle seed
●  fresh macadamia nuts
●  2 litres vanilla ice cream


Allow the ice cream to soften slightly. Dissolve approximately 5gms the ground wattle seed in a tablespoon or two of hot water. You can add more or less according to how strong you prefer the flavour.
Allow to cool, then stir the dissolved wattle seed and chopped macadamias into the softened ice-cream.
Return the mix to the freezer to harden. Serve on its own or with other desserts.

For more delicious wattle seed recipes, including a delicious wattle seed tiramisu go to http://www.bushfoodrecipes.com.au/

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