I detest most shop bought pickled vegetables but absolutely love these homemade ones. This recipe presents is a great opportunity for using up excess produce like cucumbers, but you can also pickle carrots, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower and probably lots of other vegetables using this simple method.

●  Assorted vegetables
●  2 cups white vinegar
●  2 cups sugar
●  large onion finely chopped
●  2 tablespoons salt
●  1 tablespoon mustard seed
●  1 teaspoon ground turmeric (if fresh is available use 1 tablespoon finely grated)

Prepare the vegetables you will use (see below). Sterilise glass jars and lids in boiling water. Pack the vegetables tightly into the jar (individually or mixed) Set vegetable filled jars aside.

Place all other ingredients into a saucepan, bring to the boil to dissolve the salt and sugar, then simmer for about 5 minutes. Pour the hot vinegar mix into the vegetable filled jars. Fill to the top and seal. The hot vinegar cooks the vegetables but they will remain crisp. If you prefer them soft, you can lightly steam carrots, cauliflower and broccoli before placing them into jars.

Once cool, place the jars in the refrigerator. Shake gently each day for the first three days of storage to redistribute the spices. Vegetables can be eaten after three days but store for three months or more under correct refrigeration.

●  Cucumber-Do not remove the skin. Slice the cucumbers into rounds about 1cm thick or less.
●  Capsicum-Remove the seeds and membrane. Char the skin of the capsicum under a griller until it blisters and goes black. Place the hot capsicum into a plastic bag to sweat and make it easy to remove the skin.
●  Carrots-Peel and julienne carrots.
●  Broccoli and cauliflower-Cut broccoli and cauliflower into small florets.

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