If you have a lemon tree you are bound to plenty of spare lemons to make this old fashioned, but refreshing lemonade. Any variety of lemon is suitable and you can adjust the quantity of sugar used to suit your taste. I add soda water at the end to supply some bubbles, but plain water can be used.


●  6 lemons

●  300gms white sugar (about 1 cups)

●  3 cups water

●  Fresh lemon slices, fresh mint leaves, ice cubes and soda water to serve.


Wash the lemons and remove the peel using a potato peeler. Cut the peel into strips and place in a bowl containing the sugar. Set the sugar and peel mix to one side for an hour or two. Stir occasionally to encourage the sugar to extract the citrus oil from the peel. For a more intense flavour, leave overnight.

Pour three cups of boiling water into the bowl containing the sugar and lemon peel. Stir, then leave the mixture to cool.

Squeeze the six lemons (minus their rind) and add the juice into the water, sugar and peel mixture. Strain into a jug to remove the peel and any stray pips. Cool in the refrigerator.

Place ice cubs, a slice of fresh lemon, some fresh mint leaves and sufficient lemonade concentrate to half fill a glass. Top up with cold soda water for a refreshing drink.

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