Crystallizing Ginger

Cut the ginger into slices or cubes about 1.5cm square. Separate all the little cut off pieces. I tend to dry out the little pieces and put them into sherry and use it in stir fries.

Boil the pieces for about 10 minutes. I do this twice otherwise the ginger is too potent. Then make a syrup with water and sugar and boil the ginger in it for about 15 minutes then drain. Either dry in a dehydrater or an oven. I tend to use the oven but put the ginger onto racks to dry. Dry at about 125C until the ginger is dried out to your liking. You can sprinkle it with caster sugar to get a sugar coating otherwise it is more like naked ginger. If you dry it completely you can keep it in an airtight jar. Otherwise you can vacuum seal it or refrigerate or freeze it.

Home made dehydrated or processed ginger is stronger than the normal crystallized ginger.

If you want to check anything with me just let me know.

Penny Mack
BOGI member (committee)
Samford Valley









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