●  3kg peeled, seeded and chopped chokos
●  1kg onions chopped into chunks
●  1 cup salt
●  1.5 litres malt vinegar (or use a mix of mostly white and a little balsamic)
●  1 tablespoon curry powder
●  1 tablespoon mustard
●  1 tablespoon turmeric
●  5 tablespoons flour
●  1kg brown sugar
●  1 cup sultanas (optional)

Place chokos and onions in a saucepan/bowl and cover with salt. Leave overnight (stir before you go to bed). In the morning rinse off the salt with water several times. Mix the flour, mustard and turmeric with a little of the vinegar to make a paste. Set the aside. Add the rest of the vinegar and the sugar to the chokos and onions (and sultanas if you decide to include them) and cook for about 30 minutes. Add the paste and boil everything for around 20 minutes.

I prefer a smooth chutney, so at this stage I use a potato masher to get rid of most of the lumps. Pour into sterilised jars (I place my clean my jars and lids in the sink in boiling hot water, remove them with tongs, then dry them with a clean tea towel so that they are still hot when I pour the chutney in). Seal while still hot. Label when cool.

This recipe is taken from the April 2009 edition of New Zealand Gardener and appears in an article about a productive garden owned and tended by Helen and Jeff Lewis. This is a terrific magazine. I have my copy delivered each month ( or email,nz)

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