●  1 cups sugar
●  2 cups plain flour
●  cup milk
●  2 egg
1 teasp vanilla essence
●  125g butter (at room temp)
●  1 cup sugar
●  1 tablespoon cocoa
●  1 teasp Bicarb soda
●  teasp cinnamon
●  teasp salt
●  2 cups grated choko
Cream butter and half the sugar. Beat in the eggs and vanilla. Gradually add dry ingredients including balance of sugar. Add choko and mix gently. Bake at 160 C in 23cm spring-form tin for 50-60 minutes. Cool in the tin for five minutes. To glaze melt 60g butter + 125g dark chocolate in a double boiler. Add 1 tablespoon milk and 1 tablespoon golden syrup when the chocolate mixture is smooth. Spoon onto cooled cake.

Courtesy ABC Listener 

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