Cheese Balls
I can remember my mother making this type of cheese ball. They were very popular in the 1970s. Recently I was reminded of just how good they can taste when Barbara Parker from the Art in Bark group bought one to share at a group meeting. Barbara generously provided me with her recipe. I have modified it a little to my own taste and encourage you to do likewise.   If you are not usually a fan of pickled gherkins (I would not normally eat them), do give them a try in this recipe. I have also substituted blue cheese in some batches, but also like quark. You can roll the cheese ball in curry powder or in freshly ground spices, freshly chopped herbs, chopped nuts or dukkah.  Have fun experimenting with this Aussie favourite.

375gm Philadelphia cream cheese or any preferred cream cheese
1 cup of finely grated tasty cheese (choose the strength of flavour you prefer)
1 small onion or 4 shallots finely chopped
red capsicum finely chopped
3 pickled gherkins (finely chopped)

Coating Mix: Curry powder (or other selected coating see above)

Optional: 2 rashers of bacon (chopped, quickly fried and drained on paper towel)

Mash the cream cheese in bowl. Add all the other ingredients except your chosen coating mix. Mix together well with a fork. Divide the mixture in two and roll each half into a ball or a log. This process is a little less messy so I use baking paper or a freezer bag.

Sprinkle the curry powder (or other coating mix) on a plate or board and roll each cheese ball until well covered. Wrap or place in a sealed container and refrigerate overnight.

Serve with your favourite vegetable sticks or crackers. 

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