Italian Preserved Aubergine
My friend Fay makes this delicious preserved eggplant and has kindly provided me with the recipe for you all to enjoy.


●  Qty of eggplants (approx 2 kg)
●  Cooking salt
●  Olive oil
●  Hot red chillies (about 15)
●  Whole cloves of garlic (lots)
●  Mixed herbs from the garden
●  Mustard seed (not a lot)
●  Vinegar (the cheapest)

Wash and peel the eggplants and cut into slices about 13mm thick.
Cover the slices with salt and place them in a colander until all the slices are covered with salt. The salt draws out the bitter juices from the eggplant and causes them to partially desiccate.
Leave the colander of salted eggplant to drain overnight. Next morning, heat the vinegar in a saucepan and when boiling, drop the eggplant slices into it in batches. Each slice should not be in the vinegar for more than 15 20 seconds. The idea is to remove the salt, not cook the eggplant.
Next, slice the eggplant into strips about 1cm wide. Place layers of eggplant, herbs, garlic, chilli and mustard seeds into jars (go easy with everything but the eggplant) and cover with olive oil. Seal and leave for about a month before eating. Great with crackers and cheese.

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